Apprentices Switzerland

Commercial Basic Training at Loomis International

Apprentices are the future guarantee of our company. Their selection and support up until securely passing the final apprenticeship examination is of particular significance. The apprenticeship for becoming a Forwarding Professional (m/f) is the foundation stone for a solid basis and the first step to climbing up the career ladder in the forwarding logistics industry. The forwarding industry is one with a future, and offers a wide range of further training possibilities.

Our three year training programme to become a Forwarding Professional (m/f) begins annually in August at the Zürich-Kloten location. The apprentices gain experience and develop a sound specialist knowledge of the transport and logistics industry and are always accompanied personally by the Responsables for Apprentices and Departmental Heads during their period of training.

By moving through different departments the apprentices transform the relevant theoretical main points from training school into practice and in this way gain experience in all the service sectors of the company. This enables the apprentices to gain an insight into all the areas of operation that they may potentially become involved in at the end of their training.

Your contact person for further information about our attractive training opportunities is: Aline Poulin, Tel: +41 44 804 9207,

 Bachelors Course of Study „Business Administration – Forwarding, Transportation und Logistics”

We work together with the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg in Lörrach and offer the Bachelors Course of Study „Business Administration – Forwarding, Transport and Logistics”, which on completion offers a Bachelor of Arts degree. The three year course is divided up into three month theoretical and practice phases, whereby the students can gain an insight into the broad service spectrum of the company.

In each of the 6 practical phases lasting three months the student visits a different department and in addition to the classical logistics procedures also learns an in-depth business administration background.

 The target of the study is to train the cooperative student up to management level. Furthermore, additional qualifications can be acquired:

  •  Trainer Qualification Certificate (Ada)
  • Dangerous Goods Certificate (ADR)
  • DAAD-German Academic Exchange – Language Certificate (within the context of a possible semester abroad)

So as to keep the knowledge gained in-house, we endeavour to offer the graduate a position suited to his/her final examination result.