Loomis International offers modern infrastructure for precious metal storage and other high value commodity storage. Our storage facilities are centrally located and fulfill the strictest security requirements. Our customers benefit from flexible access times.

Open customs warehouse
At the time of importing valuable goods it can become very cost intensive, since custom and tax duties are then due. Certain valuables shipments that are expected to be sold again overseas or that need to be imported successively can profit from our service where we offer open customs warehouse storage. This service is to your advantage, reducing financial costs significantly. We can store your goods until you tell us when certain goods need to be imported or exported.

Longterm and in-transit storage
Very often storage possibilities need to be found if your valuable goods change owners or their location. Perhaps the delicate shipment should not be transported directly to the destination point, or certain holidays come between shipment and the receipt of the goods, or the valuables need to be stored just for a short or long period of time. Loomis International offers these global solutions for longterm storage or in-transit storage.

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