Statement of the President and CEO of Loomis:

As the President and CEO of Loomis AB, a company which task is to ensure the availability of cash and valuables for people and businesses, one of my priorities is to ensure and foster our economic, environmental, and social responsibility. As a responsible operator in the cash handling industry, we do not only provide our customers with high-quality services. Correspondingly, we actively maintain a high level of risk management and safety measurements, consider our environmental impact while promoting sustainable growth and profit.

Sustainability is an integral part of our everyday work. Our role as one of the world's leading cash handling companies requires long-term responsible behaviour focusing on the environment, employees and safety. Our branches have a strong mission to fulfil and many exciting initiatives were rolled out in 2018 to reach our 2021 sustainability targets. Six focus areas with associated goals have been defined:

  • Be a fair and equal opportunity employer
  • Zero workplace injuries
  • 30% reduction in carbon emissions
  • 30% reduction in plastic volumes
  • Be a local player
  • Zero tolerance for unethical behaviour

Patrik Andersson
President and CEO

Annual Report & Sustainability Report 2018