Are you looking for a secure place to store your valuables? Loomis International operates high security warehouses in the world’s most important financial centers, and offers a range of attractive options for long-term, short-term and in-transit storage, including bonded warehouse. In our warehouses with state of the art security technology, your goods are always in safe hands and fully insured. With our web-based inventory management system, you can check your holdings around the clock from any location. If required by the customer, Loomis International will take care of all warehouse management activities including pick and pack services and transportation to the desired destination.

Our services

  • Storage in state of the art high-security facilities in the world’s most important financial centers
  • Long-term, short-term and in-transit storage
  • Storage and management of bonded warehouses
  • Web-based inventory management system
  • Packing and repacking of valuables
  • Pick & Pack services / Order fulfillment
  • Collection and delivery in security vehicles
  • Comprehensive insurance cover

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